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YEAH! Peak of the Week 7/12 Dreamy Sounds, Steak Tips, and Good News

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Dreamy Sounds, Steak Tips, and Good News

July is a precious month of extra scoops of ice cream and time spent in your favorite places. Wine depletion is often at an all time high thanks to the many lengthy meals with large groups. Soothe your empty bottle anxiety by writing down the date, Wednesday, 8/16 for the August 2023 Yeah! Wine Release. And, snag a 6 or 12-bottle Yeah! Wine Club membership in advance of the August release for additional ease.

The new Dream Sitch tracks slowly being released from Michael Nau (Cotton Jones) and Seth Kauffman (Floating Action, Lana Del Rey) are a heavenly low-fi way to lazily embrace summer’s hot and lazy energy. In fact, if soaking up summer in a sun-dappled hammock with a cold bottle of Summer Salters Rosé II at hand and not a single care in the world were a sound it would be Dream Sitch’s – dreamy collaborative energy. First started during COVID as a long distance digital partnership, Nau and Kauffman take what made Cotton Jones and Floating Action your favorite band’s favorite bands and infuse some extra lazy hazy retro futuristic psychedelic jazzy rock energy. Go check ‘em out now wherever you get music and let that perfect film grain texture soften any hard edges in your day.

The daily news is loaded with stress and it can sometimes make things seem impossible. Well, in case we needed another reason to be thankful for David Byrne, the bike-loving Talking Heads maestro has also had enough of the news cycle’s insanity and so a couple years ago he founded Reasons to be Cheerful . That’s right, a World Wide Web oasis from pain and drama, a place where good news makes headlines and optimism is the only way. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s all cute animals and self-help listicles, though. RTBC is an actual news site, bringing good news daily from all around the world. Put on that new Dream Sitch record, grab a Summer Salters Rosé II and check it out.

The Yeah! family has been in Massachusetts the past few weeks, and it would not be a trip back east without a conversation about steak tips. Rachel Blumenthal recently wrote this article for Boston Magazine about the origins of steak tips, and it struck a chord. “If you’re a New Englander, you know this steak. Yet one thing I’ve found by talking about steak tips (and I’ve had a lot of conversations about steak tips recently) is that most people from outside the region have never heard of them, and many people who live here don’t realize they’re a regional dish unique to this part of the country. Which raises the question: What even is a steak tip, anyway?” We hope you enjoy this bit of history, and if you want to try a recipe at home, this one will get you started.

PS: Massive thanks to our great friend James Joiner for his input on Sounds and Good News this week.

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