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Wines Tasting Notes

2021 Vintage

2021 So Good! Orange

Hosting a summer party is about pouring your generous heart out to others. You spend time and energy arranging these gatherings and can often end up depleted. The secret solution? At the end of the night, after your guests have departed, pull out a bottle of the 2021 SO GOOD! orange wine. This wine is the reward for your cooking, entertaining, and generosity. The 2021 SO GOOD! stretches far beyond your glass and gives you a deep breath into love.

Due to drought in 2021, our old vine Mendocino Chenin Blanc harvest was down 75%. In the tiny amount of Chenin we were able to harvest, there was glorious fruit filled with true inspiration. After 40 days of skin contact, these spirit filled berries transformed into magical flavors of rocks, herbs, dried citrus, resin, amber, orange peel, frankincense, and fenugreek. Regal in texture, noble in length. A grounding wine for personal space travel with complex and shifting scents of wild thyme, labdanum, tangerine oil, and old growth redwood grove. You will find tip of the tongue texture that tingles around a beautiful and unwinding palate that goes and goes and goes. Perfect for post party grazing. Lamb lollipops? Sure! Dolmas with tzatziki? You know it!

Production: 60 Cases Produced
Blend: 100% Old Vine Chenin Blanc
AVA: Mendocino County
Alcohol: 12.5% ABV

2021 Summer-Salters Rosé

Decant 30-45 Minutes.

The 2021 Summer-Salters Rosé is a serious showstopper. 50% Shake Ridge Ranch Mourvèdre and 50% Shake Ridge Ranch Primitivo meet in a blend of high fives and sunshine daydreams. The Mourvèdre brings the depth and texture, and the Primitivo delivers the balancing acidity.

2021 was an incredibly dry year in California. This resulted in ridiculously small yields of wildly intense and flavorful grapes. Though fruit quantities were microscopic, they produced profound wines. The aromatics of our 2021 wines are astronomical. The textures are luscious with balanced acidity. The finish on each wine goes all the way – stretching from your palate to cosmic dawn. This profile is grand, afternoon cumulus clouds, and post lightning ozone. You will find aromas and flavors of sishu mandarin, palo santo, rhubarb, and pine needle beach. A lush and ornate palate with intense flavors that end in a hold-the-table finish, the 2021 Summer-Salters has serious undertow. This is indeed a”full plate” rosé. It will play with summer’s medley coming off the grill – from shellfish to portobello mushrooms to juicy ribeyes.

Production: 70 Cases Produced
Blend: 50% Primitivo, 50% Mourvèdre
AVA: Shake Ridge Ranch Vineyard, Amador County
Alcohol: 13.25% ABV

2021 Full King Crab White

Decant 45-60 Minutes. Serve cool to cellar temp (not cold).

We all need a white wine that makes us get out the drums, crash the cymbals, and sing out with all our heart. A wine that lures us in with its sophistication and finishes off with an invigorating primal roar. Welcome to your 2021 Full King Crab!

You can’t name a wine, “Full King Crab” unless it is both outrageously good and has a story to share.

Not far from Big Sky, MT is the Corral Bar. A local’s spot ideal for a cold beer and a shot. On a recent visit with friends, I locked in on some graffiti written on the bathroom wall. Instead of seeing the typical profane scribble, I read, “Otta Get The Full King Crab!!” The message struck me, and not because I craved the full king crab (it wasn’t on the menu). It went deeper. This is a message to always grab the full king crab in life – in whatever form it may appear.

The 2021 Full King Crab gives you everything. It is one part noble in all its regalia, and the other part stripped naked, diving off the dock howling “The ocean is love!!” Combined, it is a delicious journey that whisks you away on pulses of energy from the age of dinosaurs to the glorious here and now. Steamed crustaceans with herb butter. Grilled salmon with couscous and preserved lemon, and of course, FULL KING CRAB!

Production: 85 Cases Produced
Blend: 40% Chardonnay, 30% Chenin Blanc, 15% Marsanne, 15% Viognier
AVA: Brosseau Vineyard, Monterey County
Alcohol: 12.5% ABV

2020 Vintage

2020 Teleport Gris

Decant 75-120 Minutes.

The Universe’s #1 Old Vine Teleportation Wine!

Cheering through extradimensional space, this light plus bodied reddish wine fills the cup for those who know their super powers. The finish is light, long, and lingers towards the infinite.

Third eyes will open, moving rapturous spirits into dark fuchsia alternate dimensions. Poetic cadences of parallel primordial space-age forces. Like Willy Wonka leading your guests on the tour, you will say it out loud, say it out loud.

This wine makes us incredibly happy. Pairs with the “Oh of Pleasure” by Ray Lynch and the charcuterie & cheese* plate of your dreams.

*washed rind cheeses such as Cowgirl Creamery’s “Red Hawk” work great.

Production: 68 Cases Produced
Blend: Napa, Mendocino, Contra Costa counties
AVA: Dry Farmed
Alcohol: 12.0% ABV

2020 Semdawg Yeah!

Decant 90-120 Minutes (do not serve cold).

Dripping with honeysuckle mountain beeswax music YEAH!

Skin fermented old vine Semillon with a dollop of old vine Chenin Blanc boogie. View the Northern Lights from the front porch of your soul. Smells like an atomized yellow rose meets the color of the cold sea.

Light plus to medium minus bodied, new suede texture, tastes of lemon and pink lady apples served on moon dust. This one is for the heart. Drink it with people who see you. Enjoy with Bob Marley’s, “No Woman No Cry” and baked cod or other cold water white fish. Like the 2019 Chendawg Yeah! save some for after the meal or the next few days. It continues to develop with air.

Production: 5 Cases Produced
Blend: 76% Old Vine Skin Fermented Semillon, 24% Old Vine Chenin Blanc
AVA: “California” Napa and Mendocino counties
Alcohol: 12.5% ABV

2020 Evangelho Mourvèdre

Evangelho. Evangelho. Evangel-whoaaaaaaaa!

One of the greatest expressions of Mourvèdre inside our outside of the known universe.

Dark sap, with red laser energy. The 2020 Evangelho Mourvèdre is packed with howling jazz riding through the solstice on a zip line of Yeah! Mouth coating with old vine huggy tannins, it is packed with geometry, astrology, and extradimension-ology. There is so much to enjoy now in this energetic bud of a wine, yet this is one you can bury in the cellar for years until the secrets all are told and the petals all unfold.

Long term fans of Hardy’s wines know – always go with Evangelho!

Drink early with Lucille by Little Richard and with age Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland) by Jimi Hendrix.

Production: 100 Cases Produced
Blend: Whole Cluster 131 Year Old Vines of Mourvèdre
AVA: Contra Costa County
Alcohol: 12.5% ABV

2020 Brosseau Chenin Blanc

Decant 60 Minutes.

With a swirl in the decanter, the 2020 Brosseau Vineyard Chenin Blanc is already “on.” In the glass, strikes of aromatic ground lightning reach from the palate to the sky. Kindly pour for your friends- then step back to watch them boogie, shake, and twirl. This is where a prehistoric rock concert meets futuristic lasers of love.

Each bottle will have your body soaring above freeways and through forests until you poof into the beauty of Chenin-fueled hyperspace.

Production: 41 Cases Produced
Blend: 100% Chenin Blanc
AVA: Chalone AVA, Monterey County
Alcohol: 12.5% Alcohol

2020 Innervisions Red

Decant 45-60 Minutes.

Innervisions Red is a nod to Stevie Wonder’s funk / soul album, Innervisions, most known for the masterpiece, Higher Ground. Put some Innervisions in your glass and blast it. This song and this wine operate on multiple levels. Both are a call to keep on moving and cycling through to the Extradimensional. Whether you want to dance or trance, this will get you there.

On pop and pour, the 2020 Innervisions Red’s aromatics are ecstatic! This extradimensional blend of Primitivo, Grenache, Chenin Blanc, Carignane and Barbera creates an I-can-smell-it from across the room perfume of blood peach, raspberry bramble, and summer flowers in a cedar box. The palate, texture and acidity brings you to the edges of High Sierra lakes, tidal pools along Buzzards Bay, or wherever you reach higher ground. Enjoy with anything juicy cooked over charcoal or wood and served on a bed of wilted arugula and dusted with herbs.

Production: 62 Cases Produced
Blend: 75% Primitivo, 10% Grenache, 10% Chenin Blanc, 3% Carignan, 2% Barbera
Alcohol: 13.7% ABV

2020 Barbdawg Yeah!

Decant 45-60 Minutes.

What the heck is a Barbdawg Yeah!!?

It is a vinous explosion of joy from the heart. An Extradimensional wine to pump up your guests. Wine in a bottle that seems way too small.

Pairs perfectly with lamb meatballs and times that you never want to end.

Barbdawg Yeah! is a one of a kind, Old Vine Red blend of Barbera, Mourvèdre, and skin fermented Semillon. It is an enchanted journey through texture, acid, mouthfeel, and Yeah!

Stock up on this one. You will pick up this wine over and over again as winter shifts to spring and flowers bloom throughout your neighborhood and in your heart.

2019 Barbdawg Yeah! delivers red fruit electricity, air guitar worthy tannins, and a high-five forest friends finish.


Production: 86 Cases Produced
Blend: 63% Old Vine Barbera, 7% Evangelho Mourvedre, 30% Old Vine Semillon
AVA: Mendocino, Napa, and Contra Costa Counties
Alcohol: 13% ABV

2019 Vintage

2019 Chendawg Yeah!

Decant 60-90 Minutes.

Old Vine Chenin Blanc and Semillon soaring through the cosmos. THIS IS WHAT SPACE SMELLS LIKE. Layered, atomized rocks, prehistoric dried fruit, clues to lost civilizations, birthday candles, cracked whips, and head lamps on new moon hikes. Each sip a journey deeper into the universe.


Pair with medium green curry chicken and jasmine rice.

Production: 50 Cases Produced
Blend: 87% Old Vine Chenin Blanc, 12% Old Vine Semillon, 1% Mixed Whites (Marsanne, Roussanne, Viognier
AVA: “California” – Mendocino, Napa, and Monterey Counties
Alcohol: 12.5% ABV

2019 Old Vine Orange Yeah!

Decant 45 Minutes.


This shatters everything we thought we knew about wine. It is a defining Extradimensional wine.

Burn the boats and skin the goats, there is only adventure ahead. This is the bottle you open for someone to remember for the rest of their wine drinking life.

If you have barrel tasted with Hardy in the last two years, this wine was always the final taste. The last bit of wow and wonder that you will never return from.

Old vine muscat, palomino, chasselas, mission, flame tokay, unidentified table grape and lightning strikes of all that is. There are light bulb wines yet this is like staring through the sun. Bury me with this elixir.

Enjoy with Bo Ssaam.

Production: 50 Cases Produced
Blend: 115 year Old Vine field blend of Muscat Blanc, Palomino, Chasselas, and Grapes still to be identified. 60+ Days Of Skin Contact.
AVA: San Benito County
Alcohol: 13% ABV

2019 Hold Me Tight Mourvèdre

Decant 120-180 minutes.


A subterranean odyssey through crystal caverns protected by mythical beasts. The wine is relentless in its vibrations and has a finish that doesn’t stop.

There’s just enough baby fat that makes the wine approachable today, and at its core is an all the way supernova of rock, fruit, and celestial intensity.

Goes great with hanger steak or mushroom risotto.

Production: 65 Cases Produced
Blend: 91% Mourvèdre, 3% Zinfandel, 3% Old Vine Barbera, 2% Old Vine Semillon, 1% Old Vine Chenin Blanc
AVA: 91% Mourvèdre, 3% Zinfandel, 3% Old Vine Barbera, 2% Old Vine Semillon, 1% Old Vine Chenin Blanc
Alcohol: 13.5% ABV

2019 After Midnight Light Red

Decant 75-120 minutes.

Crunchy, Subtle, Rounding. Old Vine Core. Graphite.

Striking and compelling. Your guests may ask, “what is this??” The best answer you can give is, “it’s for you.”

Shining with Extradimensional elegance and never been here before intrigue, the 2019 After Midnight Light Red is old vine featherweight magnificence. It is bright in acidity, deep in flavors, with a long body buzzing finish.

Perfect with lighter fall dishes of chicken, mushrooms, and roasted squash. It is a next level Friendsgiving wine for friends that like to lift off.

Production: 75 Cases Produced
Blend: 63% Old Vine Mourvèdre, 18% Old Vine Semillon, 13% Old Vine Chenin Blanc, 3% Zinfandel, 3% Old Vine Barbera
AVA: “California” – San Benito, Contra Costa, Amador, Napa, Mendocino, Sonoma Counties
Alcohol: 13% ABV

2019 Love Language “Glowing Red”

Decant 75-120 Minutes.

It smells like a desert sunset feels. The fruit of the cosmos illuminating juicy and bright with an atmosphere shifting into dreams.

Glowing with fist pumping thigh slapping baby kissing joy. An ode to juicy wild love. The story of your heart told through wine.

Light-plus bodied, great acidity, fine tannin, a finish with simultaneous strikes of orchestra triangle “bling” and deep gong “aummmmmmm.”

Pair with love (and your best dance moves).

Production: 73 Cases Produced
Blend: 54% Shake Ridge Mourvèdre, 34% Old Vine Chenin Blanc, 12% Old Vine Barbera
AVA: Amador and Mendocino Counties
Alcohol: 12.5% ABV

2019 Muscat Like You Never!

Decant 45-60 Minutes.

As winemakers, we rejoice when we bottle a wine that brings powerful noetic experiences of home and love. The 2019 Muscat Like You Never! is this bottle. The journey of this wine is unparalleled and will open you up to new places.

100% Muscat grown on limestone and granitic soils. 23 months in barrel with no SO2 at any time. This wine is bone dry. Phenomenal texture and infinite mouthfeel meet celestial aromatics and flavors, which go on and on. It is simply beyond space and time.

This is not a wine for the table. It belongs in your living room with friends amongst lit candles and your favorite music pouring from the speakers (we will send a short playlist when the wine ships). Tune into this wine with contemplation. Though it smells and tastes otherworldly, it is felt even more than it is tasted.

Production: 19 Cases Produced
Blend: Muscat Blanc
AVA: Chalone AVA, Monterey County
Alcohol: 12.5% ABV

2019 Mo' Yeah! Mourvèdre

Decant 60-90 Minutes

Mourvèdre is part of our soul, and this superlunary Mourvèdre based wine that combines the finesse of classic with Extradimensional spirit. This is a wonder wine for a new era of you.

Red fruit meets the deep black of volcanic soils on a mid-palate that soars to the stars. It finishes with nearly resolved tannins that feel like love.

This is your wine to pour and show them the light.

Production: 56 Cases Produced
Blend: 75% Mourvèdre, 15% Old Vine Chenin Blanc, 6% Barbera, 4% Zinfandel
AVA: Amador, Mendocino, Sonoma Counties
Alcohol: 13% ABV

Expertly Crafted, Experience Enhancers.

“Buy anything this man makes. He is vine whisperer, Hardy Wallace.”

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