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YEAH! Peak of the Week 4/26

Your Extradimensional Peak of the Week is Here!

Blending season is upon us again and this one will be a little different. In this next round of blending we will be turning up the tunes, breaking out the beakers, and putting the finishing touches on our first Extradimensional Cab Franc, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon based wines. These 2021s are from the Santa Cruz Mountains. They are gorgeous in barrel and are set to be bottled in August.

Woooosh! Hardy is heading to Florida next week. Join him in Tampa on Thursday, 5/4. He will be pouring (and probably dancing) at CRU Cellars in Palma Ceia from 6-8PM. Tickets are available here.

Super spicy ginger is a pantry staple in our home. It takes the edge off as each bite sends all focus towards the heat and flavor. This slightly candied ginger is similar to jerky and completely delectable.

We are in love with Unified Ferments. They produce wonderful, non-alcoholic fermented teas. These lightly sparkling fermented teas carry the incredible aromatic complexity of their base teas and are tasty and refreshing. We began ordering direct from them last fall and met up at RAW Wine this past weekend in Los Angeles.

Speaking of the RAW Wine event, Hardy had an energizing time pouring Yeah! Wines over the course of two days in LA. The question he was most asked during the tasting was, “what is your favorite Yeah wine?” A seemingly impossible question, he always answers with, right now, my favorite wine is____.” And, at this time the 2021 Full King Crab is number one. It has all the magic on full display - depth, weightlessness, fruit, minerality, and balance. This wine is jovial and regal. If you have any left, serve slightly chilled (not cold-cold), and just hang out with it.

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