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YEAH! Peak of the Week 6/14 New Label, Frozen Treats, Best Lager

Hanabi Beer Bottle

New Label, Frozen Treats, Best Lager

Winery Happenings
We are currently generating new wine names in advance of our summer bottling date. Naming wines can feel like a high stakes charge, and yet it brings with it some serious fun. We get asked a lot how we come up with the Yeah! wine names, and like song writing or any creative process, there is a fair amount of summoning and tinkering before trust emerges and a sensed knowing that the chosen names represent the wines as only they can. We are also pumped to announce that our newest wines are getting a new label from the lovely Brian Steely, which we can’t wait to reveal to the Yeah! mailing list soon.

Summer always lures us to poetry. Maybe it’s the illusion that we have more time or the heat that slows us down and provides the needed focus to tune into a series of stanzas. Whatever the case, here is one for today, 6/14 from A Nature Poem for Every Day of the Year by: Jane Mcmoreland Hunter. 

Love in a Mist
Algernon Charles Swinburne (1837-1909)

Light love in a mist, by the midsummer moon misguided,
Scarce seen in the twilight garden if gloom insist,
Seems vainly to seek for a star whose gleam has derided
Light love in a mist.

All day in the sun, when the breezes do all they list,
His soft blue raiment of cloudlike blossom abided
Unrent and unwithered of winds and of rays that kissed.

Blithe-hearted or sad, as the cloud or the sun subsided,
Love smiled in the flower with a meaning whereof none wist
Save two that beheld, as a gleam that before them glided,
Light love in a mist.

Yasmin Williams is an acoustic fingerstyle guitarist and film composer, and Kate is deeply into her 2018 album, Unwind. Take the time to sink into your favorite chair, turn this album on, let go of the heavy stuff, and invite your true nature to tune in - you will be moved.

Tasty Treat
This Frozen Fruit hack has been making the rounds and given that a microplane is all that is needed we suspect this will be the at home treat of the summer. These sweet combos are mighty tempting for a quick dessert.

  • Shaved frozen mango + sweetened condensed milk + mochi + sesame seeds
  • Shaved frozen strawberries + sweetened red beans + plop of whipped cream
  • Shave frozen pineapple + flan + sweetened shredded coconut + Rice Krispies

Drink This
Hanabi Lager is the brewing project of Nick Gislason and Jennifer Angelosante (it is also the #1 beer consumed in the Graham/Wallace household). They aim to bring attention to the agricultural roots of brewing and use traditional lager brewing methods to highlight the unique character of various barley varieties. Nick is also the lead pyrotechnician for the only Japanese Style, Hanabi Fireworks Show on the West Coast for which the brand is aptly named. We highly recommend joining the Hanabi mailing list and getting your hands on this beer any way you can.

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