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YEAH! Peak of the Week 3/22

Here is your Extradimensional Peak of the Week!
We hope the POW finds you well.
Let out a big YEAH! and enjoy.

“The act of creation is an attempt to enter a mysterious realm. A longing to transcend. What we create allows us to share glimpses of an inner landscape, one that is beyond our understanding. Art is our portal to the unseen world.”― Rick Rubin, The Creative Act: A Way of Being

4.12.23 marks the first day of the 2023 Spring Yeah! Wine Release. The gift of rain here in California is ushering in this release with downpours of love, which we can see unlocking the beauty of a new season before us. Because we know you have an appetite for our nature-filled wines, because we know you are busy, and because you provide the vital energy that drives what we do, we invite you to write down the date and hold it close.

Another Side is an album with an incredible story. The album was recorded in 1971, never released, put into in storage in NOLA, lost in hurricane Katrina only to resurface at a California swap meet nearly 50 years later. The album is a departure from Leo Nocenteilli's signature funk style, and it feels like a glimpse into "what if?" Recommended tracks: Give Me Back My Loving and his cover of Elton John's Your Song.

If you are interested in the creative process and how an idea becomes an offering then we urge you to check out Rick Rubin’s book, The Creative Act: A Way of Being. In addition, listen to Rick interviewed on OnBeing in a truly inspiring conversation with Krista Tippett.

In photos or videos, you may have noticed a unique looking watch-like device on Hardy's wrist. The Apollo Neuro wearable was developed by neuroscientists and physicians to better sleep, stress relief, and focus. The Apollo Neuro uses low frequency sound waves that are experienced through the wrist as soothing vibrations. Hardy has been using it for six months and is a super fan.

On a recent retreat Hardy fell in love with shiitake mushroom oatmeal. This simple recipe transforms breakfast into an umami wonderland. To make it extra special- try it with a splash of Moromi shoyu, a drizzle of toasted sesame oil, and swap out the spinach for swiss chard.

We mean it when we use the term collaborator to describe those that share Yeah! wines with others. We appreciate each time you join forces to bring more people to Yeah! We know there isn't a lot of wine to go around and we recognize the trust it takes to put wines into the hands of others. Purchase The Start Here Four Pack for friends to keep the circle strong. The pack contains the 2020 Chendawg II, 2021 Nightlight Red, 2021 Brosseau Vineyard Grenache, and the 2021 Five Points Red.

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