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YEAH! Peak of the Week 6/28 Six-Pack, Space, Sparkling

White wine is glass with barrels in background

Six-Pack, Space, Sparkling

NEW Six-Pack
If you missed the Extra-Special Summer Library Case last week, we have a Sensorial Six-Pack waiting for you. Tomorrow, 6/29 at 7am PT we will release the following six pack to the mailing list:

  • 2019 Mo' Yeah
  • 2020 Barbdawg Red
  • 2020 Semdawg
  • 2021 Five Points Red
  • 2021 Nightlight Old Vine Red
  • 2022 Marvelous Mourvèdre

There are ONLY 15 of these sensational Sensorial Six-Packs available. As with the cases, the packs will go fast so get ready for tomorrow and let your senses go wild.

Bring it to your next potluck! This carrot ginger dressing gives your salad something to talk about. We suggest keeping it chunky - the ginger and carrot bits will make your mouth happy. We can also see this being a good companion to a Grilled Hibachi Steak dinner.

Sparkling Drink
Sparkling is where it is at, and as we all give ourselves over to the heat and humidity of the upcoming months, we can find some solid support with Sparkling Botanicals. These canned sparkling teas come in divine flavors, and Kate is currently digging the Black Tea for an afternoon lift. It seems they ship but even better if you can find or request them locally.

Space Poem
The poetry theme continues this season, as Kate and Maple had the recent pleasure of hearing Ada Limón, 24th Poet Laureate of The United States read her poetry on a blustery afternoon at di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art in Napa. Ada grew up in neighboring Sonoma and is the author of six books of poetry. She was asked to write the poem below by NASA. It will be engraved on a plaque aboard the Europa Clipper spacecraft as part of NASA’s Message in a Bottle campaign, which invites people across the planet to sign their names to the poem that will journey to another world. How very Extradimensional!

In Praise of Mystery: A Poem for Europa

Arching under the night sky inky
with black expansiveness, we point
to the planets we know, we
pin quick wishes on stars. From earth,
we read the sky as if it is an unerring book
of the universe, expert and evident.

Still, there are mysteries below our sky:
the whale song, the songbird singing
its call in the bough of a wind-shaken tree.

We are creatures of constant awe,
curious at beauty, at leaf and blossom,
at grief and pleasure, sun and shadow.

And it is not darkness that unites us,
not the cold distance of space, but
the offering of water, each drop of rain,

each rivulet, each pulse, each vein.
O second moon, we, too, are made
of water, of vast and beckoning seas.

We, too, are made of wonders, of great
and ordinary loves, of small invisible worlds,
of a need to call out through the dark.

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